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Skater Spotlight: Hunter Hathaway


Hunter, like many kids, started skating at 8 years old when he was invited to a birthday party. His mom, Janet, asked a young soldier to show him how to stand on the ice and get to a skate-aid. The young man and his girlfriend spent the next 4 hours skating with Hunter and showing him the thrill of speed by skating while holding his hands between them.  He was hooked. He asked for a private lesson, and that brought him to Coach Breanne Brown at the local ice rink in Georgia. One private lesson lead to more privates and group lessons and his love of skating was set.  He dropped both golf and tennis to concentrate on skating.


Many challenges and constant overturn with the small rink in Columbus was intensified by covid. The rink was closed and used for municipal court for almost 2 years. During that time, Hunter's mom


drove him 3 hours one way to Marietta for lessons 3 times a week. The time on the road, lack of consistent coaching, and other challenges did not deter Hunter's love for the sport. Finally, Janet decided the commute was too much and with much research moved Hunter to Wesley Chapel to work with John and Silvia.


It has been the best decision ever! Hunter and Janet have embraced the changes and found a new home with CESC-- Wonderful new friends have made all the difference. Hunter is dedicated to the sport and is working on Double Salchow now. He has combined his love of rock music and his love of skating to bring some memorable moments to the ice. 😉


When Hunter is not skating, he is attending Florida Virtual School, building an epic Lego village, learning to cook, or playing with his dog, Bolt.

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