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We wish all of our National & International Competitors all the Bestand Skate Like A CHAMPION!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to all of our CESC members, families & friends! Come to the rink and enjoy the Holiday Spectacular Ice Show on Sunday, December 9th, followed by cocoa and cookies in the upstairs lounge. What a terrific way to kick off the holiday season! Time: Show 3:30-5pm w/refreshments after

Competition Results

Eastern Sectionals: Jordan Scott Juvenile Girls 6th Raymond Carey Intermediate Men 7th Haley Scott Novice Ladies 9th Lexi Schneiderhahn &Timmy Chapman Novice Pairs 3rd

Sara Rose & Jim Garbutt. Junior Pairs 2nd Zoe Larson & Nick Hubbart Novice Pairs/Have a bye to Nationals Haven Denny & Brandon Frazier Senior Pairs @ Nationals Skate Canada & Skate France Vanessa James & Morgan Cipres. Pairs 1st

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