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Welcome to Champions' Edge Skating Club

July 2018 Champions’ Edge Skating Club

Welcome to the 2018-2019 skating season!

Upcoming Events July 1 USFS Membership Due July 5 Orange Blossom Competition, Oldsmar July 21 Big Brother Big Sister Skate July 24 CESC Board Meeting 6-8pm July 26 Test Session 2:45-5:45pm *Apps due on Entryeeze by July 12th!*

SafeSport Training: As of July 1, 2018, US Figure Skating requires that all individuals & volunteers involved in CESC, must take the SafeSport training and process a background check. The online webinar takes 2-3 hours, and includes a pre- and post-test for each of three sections. A certificate will be issued at the completion and USFS will be notified. This training and background check can be accessed through the U.S. Figure Skating Member Only site, through the process below:

For those with a U.S. Figure Skating membership account:

  1. Log into your Members Only account at

  2. Click red bar: “Your member compliance is NOT COMPLETE” or the SafeSport Icon (second from the left.

  3. Allcomplianceitemsareintheblueboxthatwillappearonthescreen.

    1. For SafeSport Initial Training click red “BEGIN” button.

      1. Enter your member number

      2. Validate the information is yours

      3. Complete the Account Setup, create a password

      4. You will need access to the email address entered to validate the email before you can begin the training.

    2. For the Background Check, click the red “BEGIN” button

      1. You will be required to validate your information before being sent to the National Center for Safety Initiatives in a new window. Based on your role, if you are directed to payment, it must be collected before you can begin the background check.

      2. Please have your social security number, past addresses and driver’s license available.

For those without a U.S. Figure Skating Membership Account:

  1. GototheMembersOnlysite

  2. Click“Non-Member?CreateAccount”link

  3. Enterprofileinformationandsetapasswordonfollowingpage

  4. ClicktheU.S.FigureSkatingSafeSportIcon

  5. All compliance items are in the blue box at the top of the page. Follow steps “a” and “b” from above to complete the SafeSport training and Background Check.

PLEASE NOTE: It can take up to 48 hours to receive updated compliance status information regarding the SafeSport Training. It can take 5-10 days for the NCSI background check to be completed, with an additional 1-2 days for the updated compliance status to appear on your Member Profile.

Troubleshooting: If you are not directed to the NCSI site to complete a background check or to the U.S. Center for SafeSport to complete the SafeSport training, the pop-ups on your internet browser may be blocked. Please enable pop-ups and try again. Page 2 of 5

New Members as of July 1, 2018 We have 50 new members to CESC! WELCOME!

E-MAIL and HOME ADDRESS: If at any time throughout the year your email or home address changes, please make sure you give the new information to the membership chair, so you can continue to receive the newsletter and other club mailings without interruption. If you are not registered, you will not receive this information. Please give your email and home address information to the membership chair, Kathy Davidson Page 3 of 5

Tests Passed June 23 Senior Moves – Sarah Rose - Congratulations to our new Gold Medalist!! Junior Free Skate – Sarah Rose Novice Free Skate – Alexandra Kearns Intermediate Moves – Erin Hencye Preliminary Free Skate – Alexa Rosenbloom Testing Due to the large number of skaters testing each month, all test applications must be in 14 DAYS before the test date. Late applications will not be accepted. REMINDER: Please make sure your test application is submitted through Entryeeze and have your coach double check it before you submit it to make sure it is correct. DO NOT use your nickname. Put your proper name that is registered with U.S. Figure Skating. PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY APPLICATIONS TURNED IN LATE WILL BE SUBJECT TO A $25 LATE FEE, EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY. Late applications will be accepted at the discretion of the test committee, there are no guarantees, so please register your application on time. If skating elsewhere or testing out of club, you must have test permission. This is available by emailing the test chairman. If you are a CESC 2nd club member, you need to request permission from your Home Club Test Chair. Test Credit: Only in the event of serious injury or illness that keeps you from skating for a period of time, will a credit be given with doctor documentation or the death of an immediate family member. IJS Test Credit at Competitions USFS is now authorizing skaters to get credit for a test at IJS non-qualifying competitions. Requirement is for skater to register at the non-qualifying competition. You must fill out the proper CESC application with coaches information and signature. All forms must be secured at the competition, as they will not be available after the competition is over. 1) Home club members will submit the test application to the CESC test chair. 2) Skater must attach the following documents to the test application:

  • Overall event results, which include the names and signatures of the Event Referee and Technical Controller

  • Your individual protocol

  • Your test credit skater report from the competition. 3) The application must be filled out completely and the fee ($25) enclosed or it will be returned to the skater. For security, it is acceptable to create a digital file by taking a picture of the required forms when you obtain them at the non-qualifying competition.

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Athlete Funding Opportunities Applications for all awards are available online at Deadlines vary so please read all instructions before beginning your applications. Please direct any questions to Scholastic Honors Team: Open to skaters entering their Junior or Senior year of high school in the fall of 2018 who excel in academics and must have competed in a U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competition. Competitive Skaters Assistance Program (CSAP): Open to skaters who have placed sixth or higher at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in singles, pairs or ice dance. Memorial Fund RISE Youth Essay Contest: Open to skaters at the pre-preliminary, preliminary, pre-juvenile and juvenile levels. Academic Scholarship Program (ASP): Open to current and former skaters who are enrolled in an accredited college or university and are still actively involved in the sport of figure skating in singles, pairs, ice dance or synchronized skaters at the senior sectional or collegiate level. Buch Family Academic Scholarship Award: Intended to provide academic assistance to eligible Novice, Junior or Senior level skaters in singles, pairs, or ice dance who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at a fully accredited secondary school and demonstrate financial need. Skater must have competed in a U.S. figure Skating qualifying competition in the past 2 years. HAVE A SAFE AND ENJOYABLE SUMMER! Page 5 of 5

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